Choosing Panda for Paper Roll Needs

Everyday millions of people engage in transactions with cashiers, point of sales systems and ATMs. Many people may not pay much attention to their receipts, but it does play an integral role in a working economy. A consumer typically collects a receipt after making a purchase, any transactions that are made through an ATM machine give the option to print a paper receipt. As well credit card machines and other point of sales terminals. Keeping receipts is imperative for a business book keeper, however it can also be extremely useful for personal accounting. All of these essential day to day interactions require a high quality and reliable thermal paper roll.

There are many things to take into account before purchasing paper rolls for cash registers, ATMs, credit card terminals or other similar devices. When considering companies to purchase receipt paper through to run a business a priority may be assuring the paper is high quality. The cost of paper rolls is also something for the consumer to consider. When ordering paper rolls is it also important to know the precise measurements and atm paper requirements of the particular machine. Another element to take into account is the quality of customer service at a particular business. Panda Paper is an experienced and proficient company which manages orders with precise organizational systems to keep clients up to date on their purchase.


The services include timely freight and transportation to ensure proper handling of clients’ orders from the warehouse to the consumer. They have produced over 1,000 tons of paper to date, in a current total of 5 million dollars’ worth of sales to many popular retailers and companies through out the world. The panda paper roll is a smooth finished paper that will ensure a clean, beautiful look for all of your printing needs. The product line is very versatile and boasts the capabilities of multiple color offset printing. Offset lithography is one of the most common ways of creating printed matter, which can produce high quality results for such applications as brochures, magazines, newspapers, stationery, and books. Offset printing is an economical way of producing large volumes of prints, as well as various color flexographic printing which may be used for envelopes, labels, newspapers and other application. In addition, the company offers over 15 different paper dimensions and types. They are the best choice for any of your commercial, business or personal paper roll needs.